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Our Mission

We inspire, educate and empower girls to discover rewarding careers in the UAV industry.

Girls Who Drone is dedicated to bridging the gender gap in the UAV industry. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower young girls through drone technology. Whether they aspire to become remote pilots or pursue other roles within the industry, we're committed to introducing them to this dynamic field, providing comprehensive education, and empowering them to thrive in this ever-expanding industry.


Why It Matters

The emerging global market for drone business services is expected to be worth more than 127B. With less than 10% of female drone pilots right now, it is essential to introduce this new and growing technology to more women and girls globally. Drones are here to stay and we are not going to let women and girls fall behind in this new, emerging and growing industry. While we inspire and educate all genders, we passionately advocate for women by providing inspiration, education and career opportunities in this growing field.  

Join us in our mission to expand the presence of women and girls in the UAV industry by sharing our content, sponsoring us or simply reaching out!

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